Top Places to Explore During Your Visit to London

If this is your first trip to London, then you need a list of popular places to visit. These places have been recommended by thousands of travelers who visit London every year. Some of these are really gorgeous and breathtaking whereas the rest give an important piece of information to carry back home.

7 places to explore during a visit to London:

Buckingham Palace:

Check where the queen and royal family lives in. It’s an amazing sight that cannot be missed. They have some timely parades that you may check and visit accordingly. The architecture is mind-blowing.

Hampton Court Place:

The place has an indoor tennis court that leads you to the royal maze. It’s a magical adventure ground with lots of Royal activities to explore. You may need to buy a ticket to explore the Palace and the Gardens but it’s totally worth it!

Westminster Abbey:

Westminster displays an eerie gothic architecture where mainly royal weddings are conducted. A lot of funeral and coronation activities have also been conducted here. It’s the most prominent church in London and you will miss its dark beauty if you don’t see it.

St Paul’s Cathedral:

This cathedral is a masterpiece of its kind. The marvelous architecture and interiors will blow your mind! Pay to get an entry from the main entrance and you will be taken through its history for about 20 minutes. It’s an amazing place to explore. Some passages give you free entry to explore.

Tower Bridge:

 Tower Bridge is too good for the bare eyes. The beauty cannot be described in words. It’s something that we have read in books since childhood. Join Tots to know more about the history of this bridge and the family. Do not forget to get your pictures clicked as it is the main feature of London.

Big Ben:

Big Ben is the nickname given to the Great Bell. Its iconic beauty is clearly visible even if you are driving your car on the streets close by. Don’t miss to take an inside tour and also visit the nearby river, Westminster Abbey and House of Parliament.

Wembley Stadium:

It may look different from its pictures or old times when England won the World Cup; however, things have changed for good. Take a tour down to the players’ tunnel and experience the magical sporty atmosphere everywhere.

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